Studios are constantly looking for ways to keep players invested in their games once the credits have rolled. For many gamers, the experience only truly begins once the endgame starts and in typical fashion, Gearbox is making sure to pack plenty of content into the eagerly anticipated Borderlands 3.

The developer took to the stage during PAX West to reveal how they intend to keep players hooked on the loop long after completing the main story. The three main features outlined by Gearbox during the presentation are the return of True Vault Hunter Mode, Guardian Rank and the addition of Mayhem Mode.

True Vault Hunter Mode is Borderland 3's equivalent of New Game Plus and will see players taking on the story again from the beginning, except this time they'll keep all of their attributes, skills and weapons from their first playthrough. Enemy difficulty will, of course, be increased to keep the combat fun and challenging during the second run.

Guardian Rank will primarily function the same as Badass Rank in Bordelrands 2. Players will unlock stat improvements and bonuses by earning guardian tokens, which can be spent in three different skill trees, which will undoubtedly lead to plenty of character build variation.

Lastly is the new inclusion of Mayhem Mode. After completing the story, players will unlock a terminal on the Sanctuary III, which will offer three different difficulty levels which allow players to enable different statuses on the world. These modes will modify stats like enemy health, cash drop rates and more. Mayhem Mods will also be added to the mix which will open up even more variables to the gameplay.

The studio also outlined some of the additional content coming to the game after launch. Check out the short-term content road map below.

Gearbox reveals Borderlands 3 endgame content

I don't need any more reasons to be excited about finally getting back into more Vault Hunting shenanigans once Borderlands 3 releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 13.