Destiny 2: Forsaken's annual pass has been surrounded in mystery since it was announced, with only a few details being shared in a recent video from Bungie. One more detail has come to light though: there won't be any new planets.

Talking with Polygon, project lead Scott Taylor confirmed a notable lack of terrestrial bodies while discussing new locations for the three content releases.

“We’re going to have new places to check out,” said Taylor. “Sorry, I should be specific. What we call ‘bubbles’ or new spaces; I’m not saying new planets.”

Game director Steve Cotton went on to confirm that there would be no new planets added during the coming year of content releases.

Discussion of new 'bubbles' indicates we're likely to see new areas within existing locations, or possibly a return to locations from Destiny 1. It's been a while since we've checked in on the Dreadnaught ship in orbit around Saturn.

Bungie has always been eager to reuse assets from existing content – just ask any guardian that's killed reskinned Hive in The Taken King or reskinned Fallen in Rise of Iron.

While adventures outside Earth's solar system have been hinted at in the base game's final cutscenes, one has to wonder if we'll ever see them.