Ubisoft this weekend vowed to continue supporting tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege for a second year.

If prior updates are any indication, the game will likely receive further new maps and playable operators through a series of content updates.

The announcement was made at the ESL Season 3 Pro League finals on the weekend, then reiterated via Twitter.

Siege launched in late 2015 to moderate praise, with many reviewers noting that it felt unpolished.

However, consistent developer support, regular updates, and good word of mouth have pushed many to hail it as one of the better shooters of recent years.

Today, the game boasts a community of 10 million players, justifying Ubisoft's recent decision to move towards a "games as service" model.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for new-gen consoles and PC; its fourth major update, the Japan-set Operation Red Crow, launches this week.