Bungie is planning a full-scale release for a children's book based on its online sci-fi shooter Destiny.

Entitled D Is For Destiny, the book assigns each letter of the alphabet a different concept from the game, presumably so that children can learn what their parents are talking about when they grumble about loot drops or Oryx.

The text's rhyming, alliterative couplets explain the game's lore in a child-friendly fashion, accompanied by illustrations, possibly telling its story more clearly than the game itself.

Destiny children's book is an illustrated Grimoire alternative

"From Four-Armed Fallen to the Mysteries of Mercury and the Moon, D is for Destiny makes exploring the far reaches of the solar system as easy as A, B, C," reads Bungie's product description.

Written as an in-fiction book for children living in the game's Last City, the 40-page book was originally put together in 2013 by a team of Bungie artists and writers as an internal holiday gift for parents at the studio.

Though it has been available from the Bungie Store for some time, D Is For Destiny launches on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on October 4th, 2016.