Capcom has finally addressed concerns around the price of Street Fighter V's Pro Tour DLC, which it announced at EVO 2016 in July.

The game's Pro Tour Premier Package includes three new costumes, the new Ring of Destiny stage, and 22 exclusive colours and special titles, but sets players back a whopping NZ$40.

In July, Capcom said that "a portion" of proceeds from the DLC would go towards the Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool. The company has finally clarified exactly how much via PlayStation Blog:

"A minimum of 30% of the revenue will go to the Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool, and an additional 50% of the revenue is invested into Capcom Pro Tour production," writes Capcom's Neidel Crisan.

"That means that Capcom contributes more than 80% of all CPT DLC revenue directly to support Capcom Pro Tour initiatives.

"Our goal is to have an impressive prize pool for Capcom Cup 2016 — the biggest in fighting game history — and we want our fans to know they had a part in helping us achieve that once we reach that milestone later this year," Crisan adds.

"We will be providing updates throughout the rest of the season, so you all know what sort of number we are targeting for Capcom Cup 2016 and next year you will see tangible benefits from your investment materialising in the scene through increased production values and additional support for tournament organisers."

The DLC's price allows Capcom to provide more opportunities to tournament organisers and content creators, and also to have record setting prize pools at Capcom Cup.

"In short, we did not create this content with the intention of making large profits for ourselves; we created it to help support the community," Crisan writes.

"With that, you should look at this as your contribution to the fighting game community, where no matter what Capcom Pro Tour DLC item you purchase, this is your optional donation to the scene while getting some great content in return."

Partly thanks to DLC sales, the Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool is currently US$342,182, with two months left before the tournament.

The DLC is not available on PC because PlayStation is sponsoring the Capcom Pro Tournament.