Destiny's private matches were expected to hit next week with the Rise of Iron expansion, but Bungie apparently couldn't wait that long.

Following an exhibition livestream on MLG, the developer has flipped the switch and brought the PvP feature online, almost a week early.

Through private matches, players can set game type, map, score and time limits, as well as the time of day.

Destiny's Private Matches go live following MLG livestream
Look at all those options.

Light Level can also be toggled on or off, allowing for power and abilities to affect combat as in PvP events like Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris.

Beyond the ability to choose maps and game types, private matches will also give players the option to add their own flavour to the Crucible (Author's note: I'm already planning a match of no-HUD Hide 'n' Go Seek with my clan).

In addition to private mattches, according to Bungie forums, a number of new Ghost collectibles have been placed in Crucible maps as well.

For more on Destiny's upcoming expansion, be sure to check out our guide to Rise of Iron.

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