With the release of the Rise of Iron expansion, online shooter Destiny will finally gain the ability to run private multiplayer matches, developer Bungie revealed today in a Gamescom 2016 livestream.

Players will be able to set up custom matches, adjusting the game mode, map, score and time limits, time of day, and Light level (to recreate Iron Banner-style conditions).

All game modes will be available on all maps, save for the time-limited Crimson Doubles and Sparrow Racing League events, which won't be available at all.

Matches will be able to contain between 1 and 12 players, depending on the game type; there is no bot support.

Players will be able to receive weapon XP, Glimmer, faction reputation, and daily bounty progress via private matches, but no legendary or exotic rewards will be given, even from Three of Coins usage.

While custom matches have no built-in functionality for competitive tournaments, Bungie has expressed support for the creation of tournaments, and is even offering a "competition license" to enable tournaments with cash prizes to take place - with a few guidelines.

Private matches have been a sought-after feature ever since the game launched in 2014, with only server-driven matchmaking available.

Rise of Iron also introduces a new 6v6 Crucible mode called Supremacy, as well as three new maps (four for PS4 players), which will only be playable in custom matches by players who own the expansion.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.