Bungie has officially revealed the Rise of Iron expansion to Destiny, confirming weeks of rumours and leaks.

The expansion will centre on the Iron Lords, hosts of multiplayer event the Iron Banner.

Its new story content takes place in a brand-new, quarantined region on Earth called the Plaguelands, infested by technologically mutated Fallen enemies called Splicers (no relation to the BioShock enemies of the same name).

Additionally, the expansion will deliver a new strike and raid, a "significant" Light level cap increase, and new gear including an updated version of fan-favourite rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, which is also being offered as a pre-order bonus.

Somewhat controversially, this DLC will be the first expansion for the game released only on new-gen consoles.

More information on the PvE content and Crucible changes will be announced "at a later date" (read: E3), as well as information about the now-obligatory PlayStation exclusive content.

Rise of Iron releases September 20th for new-gen consoles.