Jonathan Blow has released rough figures for the first week of sales of The Witness.

So far, the well-reviewed open world exploration and puzzle game has made over US$5 million in revenue, off "substantially more than 100,000" units sold.

Though The Witness is priced higher than Braid, it still sold over twice as many units in its first week than Blow's previous game, which was itself considered a major indie success.

Blow says that while he cannot divulge details due to NDAs, PC and PS4 sales are both "very strong."

Likely pleasing players from other platforms, ports to Xbox One, OS X, iOS, and Android are all "under serious consideration."

$5 million does not bring The Witness into the black just yet, but Blow says that looks likely, and that his team will be able to make further games "unless some kind of world economic disaster happens."