The Witness launched last week, and its creator says that despite significant piracy, it's selling better than his previous indie hit Braid.

Developer Jonathan Blow tweeted about the game's performance over the weekend, saying that "it's hard to talk about numbers without breaking NDAs, but The Witness is on track to sell more in a week than Braid sold in its first year."

The sales come despite heavy piracy; Blow previously bemoaned the fact that The Witness was popular on torrent sites and said that piracy "will not help us afford to make another game!"

However, since sales figures came in, Blow altered his prognosis for the future, saying that if the game keeps up its sales pace, its team could develop another game with a "comparable budget."

He added that he dislikes digital rights management systems used to prevent piracy, because "people should have the freedom to own things."

When accused of overpricing the well-reviewed open world puzzle game, Blow retorted that Braid was heavily pirated too, despite costing a quarter of what The Witness does.

At the time of Braid's release, Blow seeded torrent sites with fake, feature-restricted versions of the game to distract from true pirated copies and encourage people to buy the full version.

The Witness is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.