Bungie is celebrating Destiny by throwing a Halloween party, complete with quests, inside of its popular online shooter Destiny.

Players visiting the Tower hub this week will find it decorated with paper lanterns and candles for the "Festival of the Lost."

Supposedly honouring the dead, the festival includes a range of new quests and items.

Tess Everis is selling three new emotes: "Boo," "Monster Dance," and "Zombie Dance," the latter of which apes Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

She also sells a "mystery bag" that includes random items, including guaranteed legendary masks of characters like the Traveller and Crota.

Those masks play into quests, including one that sees costumed players visiting NPCs in the Tower to receive candy.

A new map called Cathedral of Dusk has also been temporarily added to Crucible map rotation.

The Festival of the Lost runs for two weeks, until November 9th. Some elements of it require the Taken King expansion pack to appear.