Destiny's Eververse Trading Company has opened, bringing eighteen new emotes to the popular online shooter.

The full list of new emotes is as follows, and includes Carlton's dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Blowing A Kiss
Booyah (fist pumping)
Bring It On (beckon your foes)
Come At Me (bro)
Congrats (pointing and congratulating)
Enthusiastic Dance (aka: The Carlton)
Evil Scheme (rubbing one's hands evilly)
Formal Bow (like a martial arts master)
Oh Please (entreating the sky as to why)
Pumped Up (a victory celebration)
Safe (calling someone "safe" in baseball)
Slow Clap
Sorrow (falling to one's knees)
Swing (a self-satisfied baseball swing)
Victory Cheer (rapturous applause)
Watch Your Back (a finger across the neck)

Each of the emotes costs Silver, a new in-game currency purchased with real money. Most emotes cost 200 Silver, while "Legendary" emotes (currently only the Slow Clap and Enthusiastic Dance) cost 500 Silver.

To give a sense of real-world cost: 500 Silver costs NZ$7.25, while 1100 costs $14.45 and 2300 costs $27.45.

Every Destiny player has had 400 Silver deposited in their account today, effectively granting them two "free" standard emotes.

The emote store is part of the 2.0.1 update to the game, which also brings a slew of bug fixes and mechanical tweaks, as detailed in the patch notes.