Two weeks ago, I explained why we didn’t have a review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on site: because we weren’t happy going to the offices of the game’s distributor to play it, and unfortunately a review copy wasn’t forthcoming (it subsequently arrived on Monday this week).

I also wrote that in general, we think that review events are a bad idea for several reasons, and that I’d tell you if we ever decided that it was worth attending one. Well, now is one such occasion.

Last week, Bungie paid for freelance writer Clint McCreadie to fly to its offices in Washington, USA in order for him to review Destiny: The Taken King on our behalf. It paid for his flights and accommodation, but there was no swag doled out, and no extra activities were offered to him. He played with 15 other on-site critics running around a server/the Tower at the same time – a decent replication of playing the game online.

We decided to commission Clint to write the review for us because he’s an experienced games writer whose work has appeared in both print publications and on the web, and also because he’s put the most time into Destiny of anyone I’ve ever met (and I’ve met some Destiny freaks!). On top of that, I know him very well on a personal level, and I trust his opinion, so I’m happy to publish it here.

Even so, disclosure is important, thus this blog entry. Please factor the above information into your reading of our preliminary review of The Taken King, which will go live at 9pm tonight. I say 'preliminary' because our review won't be scored tonight: the game's raids aren't available yet, so we want to play through those and test everything on public servers before giving our verdict. Even so, the review is a good indication of how the bulk of the game feels.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, PM me or let me know in the comments below.

Thanks, and happy gaming!