Martin O'Donnell, composer of one of gaming's most recognisable themes, has finally won his lengthy legal case against Bungie.

The Halo composer and Bungie cofounder (pictured centre above with Paul McCartney and collaborator Michael Salvatori) originally filed his suit in April 2014, citing termination without cause.

O'Donnell gets his Bungie stock holdings back in the ruling, as well as US$95,000 in unpaid wages and US$142,500 in profit sharing from prior to his termination.

Newly revealed by the case is that O'Donnell recorded a suite of music for Destiny with McCartney, which Activision replaced with its own tracks.

That scuffle kicked off the disagreement with Bungie, which though it defended O'Donnell on Destiny, still deferred to its publisher.

Legal eagles can read the full ruling at this link.