The Crucible will receive two new multiplayer gametypes in upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King.

Speaking to Game Informer, design lead Lars Bakken outlined the modes, called Rift and Mayhem.

Rift is a 6v6 twist on capture-the-flag, spawning an item called the Spark in the middle of the map, which must be picked up and carried to the opposing goal.

However, unlike CTF carryables, the Spark has a timer and explodes after 75 seconds of being held.

Mayhem, which "feels more like a party game than anything else," according to Bakken, simply accelerates recharge time for ammo, grenades, melees and supers to the point that they're almost always available.

Bungie is also making permanent the 3v3 Elimination gametype, currently only available at certain times of the week.

The Taken King will be released September 15, and will require Destiny to play.