The little changes in Destiny's new expansion The Taken King may make the most difference to the game.

Bungie's "Year Two" push features new environments, gear, strikes, enemies, and multiplayer modes, as well as a new raid and villain, but also brings a slew of tweaks to the game's core systems:

The game's levelling is to be redesigned, raising the cap to 40 but replacing the arcane gear-driven Light system with traditional XP.

Story missions are to be reorganised, bringing the various expansions together more organically.

The Crucible will now feature quest lines of its own, as well as new bounties; a new Mercy feature will prematurely end matches over-dominated by one team.

The UI will now feature quest tracking, and players will be finally able to turn in bounties without visiting the Crucible.

Players will be able to inspect in-game items to unlock pieces of lore; it's unclear whether that will replace the clunky Grimoire system.

Vanguard and Crucible marks will be merged into one pool, as will class-specific materials.

The Gunsmith will have a reputation system, which if massaged the right way can net players weekly legendary weapons and perks.

Controversially, The Taken King's new weaponry and armour will quickly make old Legendary gear redundant, with even common items in the expansion having higher attack and defence ratings.

Also controversially, Peter Dinklage's Ghost character will be entirely redubbed by voice actor Nolan North.

According to Activision Blizzard's financial report, Destiny has over 20 million registered players, who have logged 2 billion hours of playtime.

The Taken King releases September 15, and includes a boost to get players' Guardians to the expansion's minimum level.