Bungie is replacing all of Peter Dinklage's Ghost dialogue in Destiny with a new performance by Nolan North, says Game Informer.

North was cast as the robotic narrator/assistant in the upcoming expansion The Taken King, but Bungie decided to completely replace Dinklage's performance in the rest of the game as well.

“We wanted Nolan North’s version of the Ghost to wake you up at the start of the journey at level one and follow you all the way to level forty,” explained Destiny creative director Luke Smith.

North says he is excited about the role, and that the mammoth developer encouraged him to give it a new personality:

"They really wanted me to put my stamp on it. They let me bring what I wanted to the role," said North. “You want to give him as much personality as the world will allow, without making it unbelievable. There’s a fine line to walk there, and I think we found it.”

Peter Dinklage's performance gained some unwanted notoriety upon Destiny's release, with some accusing it of sounding phoned-in and others claiming the script was to blame.

With North debuting in The Taken King expansion on September 15, that debate may well be settled shortly.