The gear dropped in Destiny's new raid, Crota's End, will now be more powerful and drop with greater regularity.

Since the release of the first expansion, The Dark Below, many Destiny players have felt that the quality of gear dropped in the new raid - currently the most challenging content in the game - didn't adequately reflect the difficulty of obtaining it.

The hotfix brings Destiny up to Now, "Both existing and future Raid gear obtained in Crota's End now begins at Level 30 with an upgrade path to reach Level 32," said Bungie.

In addition the new raid helmet will occasionally drop in Crota's End in normal mode. Previously Bungie had intended for this item only to drop in hard mode, which will not be available for another two weeks. Instead, the new helmet will drop more frequently in hard mode when it does become available.

Changes to the exotic fusion rifle Pocket Infinity have also been rolled back so that charge up and deactivation now work as originally designed. However, this means a previous bug that prevented Pocket Infinity from properly charging up has been reintroduced.

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