Bungie has outlined five Destiny in-game events coming in September and October.

The first is a weekend Crucible Playlist called Salvage, which starts tonight. In it, Two teams of three Guardians will compete to claim relics on small to medium-sized maps.

On September 16, the Vault of Glass will open. It is a new raid that will offer both Raid Set Gear and Ascendant Materials as rewards.

"No one knows what lies within the Vault of Glass, only that beyond its gates you will face your greatest challenge yet."

Bungie only named the remaining three events. The colour coding on Combined Arms and Iron Banner indicate that they will be weekend Crucible playlists. The description for Queen's Wrath, "Obey her orders, settle old scores", suggests that it may be a PvE event.

Bungie details five Destiny events coming this month