Bungie has sought to reassure fans that Destiny will have plenty of content to play through when it releases on September 9.

Leaked data files indicate that Destiny will contain four areas: Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus. Each location will contain a single destination, meaning the Cosmodrome and the Tower are the only Earth locations so far.

In light of that, some players have expressed concern over the total size of Bungie's upcoming shooter. The beta, which appeared to include all the Cosmodrome content, could be completed in a few ponderous hours.

Writing on NeoGAF, Bungie community manager Eric “Urk” Osborne, sought to allay any fears.

"Destiny’s pretty big," he said. "It’s the biggest game we’ve ever made, by far, and we’re sort of known for making games you can play for months, years, and even decades if you’re a little bit dedicated," he said.

"With Destiny, we’re looking to exceed what we’ve done before, not just in terms of scale – the Moon is our smallest destination – but in terms of scope and breadth of activities."

Osbourne added that Bungie wanted to improve on its track record with Halo of only delivering updates to competitive multiplayer post release.

"We wanted to do better. So, Destiny is philosophically built support every type of player, and all modes with ongoing activities and events," he said.

"Beta was water wings. Level 8 is nothing. You barely scratched the surface, and it seems like some folks had fun with what was there."

Destiny comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 9.