Just ahead of the Destiny beta this week, Bungie has reminded players that it is a test, to expect problems and how to report them.

"The Destiny beta is a test. Make no mistake. This isn’t some circus stunt. This is science – and you’re the lab rat," Bungie said on its official blog.

"We’d love to tell you that everything will go according to plan, but that wouldn’t be any fun. That wouldn’t teach us a thing. Even if the beta is working perfectly, one of the alpha-geeks in the operations center is gonna kick it to see if it still works. Fortunately, we’ll be going to great lengths to keep you informed and keep you in the game."

Users experiencing issues should visit help.bungie.net. They can also communicate with @BungieHelp on Twitter.

The Destiny beta will begin at 5am on July 18 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners, go offline on July 22 and 23, open for all platforms at 5am on July 24, and finish at 6:59pm on July 28.

Destiny is set for release September 9.