Developers have their hands on a new PlayStation 4 dev kit, VG247 is reporting.

The kit is the second iteration of an expected four, and has taken the form of a modified PC.

The third version is expected in January, with final dev kit delivered to developers next winter.

According to VG24/7’s source, the final product will have Blu-ray, and is based on AMD’s A10 APU series (a combined CPU and GPU).

The hard drive will be 256Gb “as standard”, but it’s not clear if it’ll be a standard or solid state drive.

It will feature the same inputs and outputs as the PlayStation 3.

A revamped user interface will allow full system navigation (for example, to the PS Store) without the need to leave a game.

“They’re trying to make it as fluid as possible,” said the source.

The machine will also be designed to accept system and product updates in the background, and that it’ll “always be in standby mode”.

According to the source, the ultimate goal is for the hardware to be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D “no problem” – a machine that’s powerful enough for “today and tomorrow’s market”.

Details of the controller are unknown at this stage.

The current dev kits have either 8Gb or 16Gb of RAM.

Sony’s aim is to avoid the launch problems that dogged of the PlayStation 3 by making the new console “very affordable”, but also by ensuring that it “isn’t a slouch”.

An announcement is expected prior to next year’s E3.