Right off the bat it's important to note that Lost Planet on Xbox 360 was a fantastic title, one with a gorgeous snow-covered setting and a mildly amusing plot. The control system, while not perfect, didn't detract from the gameplay and the cumbersome camera did the job.

So when it came time to play the PlayStation 3 version of the title, our hopes were high and our mind's eye full of all the things the extra time in development might deliver to the system. But as we played through the first few missions, something became painfully apparent: nothing had changed.

The major criticism of the PlayStation 3 release of Lost Planet is how similar it is to last year's release on Xbox 360, when the extra development time had the potential to give PS3 owners a far richer experience.

Another issue is the framerate. Some minor framerate issues in a title that has been transferred from one system to another can be excused, but seeing the engine chug even at some of the less intensive graphical points in the game is not excusable.

The control scheme has the same ease of use as before, with all the commands mapped to logical positions.

With all of those points out of the way there are some advantages to the PS3 version, one of the biggest being that the downloadable content that 360 users were able to get on their systems is included in the box, which means PS3 users aren't missing out on anything. The multiplayer also seems to have been given some tweaking for the PS3, adding some new variations to the mix.

Lost Planet on PS3 is nothing new, nor is it any better than the 360 version. So if you own both systems and haven't bought Lost Planet, consider the 360 version first. But in saying that, the PS3 version is still the same snow covered, Capcom-styled giant bug shooter. So if any PS3 users are looking for a solid third person shooter to keep them occupied, Lost Planet is worth a look.