Bungie is seeking feedback on Destiny's Iron Banner PvP event amidst frustration in the community that the event isn't working as advertised.

The Iron Banner PvP event in which players' gear is not standardised. Instead, players are supposed be granted all the powers and benefits that their gear usually offers them outside of the Crucible. However, some players claim that isn't currently the case.

One video on YouTube shows a level 4 warlock using an auto rifle with 20 damage to defeat other players whose characters are more than 20 levels higher. Watch it below.

"Were you detecting an advantage attributed to your more powerful gear and weapons?" asked community manager David "DeeJ" Dague. "Did the experience feel different than standard Crucible combat?"

A number of players have also voiced their frustrations over others quitting matches they knew they weren't going to win. Currently there is no penalty for deserting a match in progress.