The latest addition to the Buzz! Junior series is here, so get ready to the thrown back in time, when dinosaurs ran wild and the cavemen only grunted a few words. Things are now going to get even wackier with four cheeky dino’s now on the loose and about to cause chaos in Buzz! Junior Dino Den.

Buzz! Junior Dino Den is the fourth addition to the Junior series and having reviewed some of the Junior titles previously, I was expecting nothing new from Dino Den apart from the change in the characters and scenery. If you are new to the series and wondering what this is, then first things first, where have you been? Secondly would be to explain how Buzz! Junior works, so here goes.

The idea is that you are one of up to four players who compete in a series of mini-games. Points are gained in each mini-game, but obviously the points earned vary based on your placing within each mini-game. The person with the most points at the end of a series of mini-games is crowned the winner. The other thing to note is that Buzz! is not played with the standard PS2 controller, but uses a paddle which has four colour coded buttons and a red buzzer.

Buzz! Junior is normally a solo effort; however Dino Den introduces a new dimension to the competition by allowing gamers to play in teams. The Team Mode is a two-on-two situation and takes place across ten mini-games. It’s a great new addition to the game and when you lose, at least you’ll have someone else to keep you company. However standing at the top of the podium on your own is a great feeling, so why not go it alone and try out the 35 mini-games on hand? Things could get pretty interesting.

The 35 mini-games offer a fair amount of variety for all, and cater for the experienced and not so experienced players. It doesn’t matter if you have never played it before because it explains what you need to do at the start of each mini-game and it’s based more around speed, timing and co-ordination, so don’t fret if you’re a first timer.

For multiplayer mode the games vary from throwing a few cavemen around, rolling around in a bit of paint, to riding along with the T-Rex. 35 mini-games may seem like a lot a first, but we suggest you try the whole lot out first, then you can move into custom mode and play only the ones you enjoy. For the team mode you only have 10 mini-games to work through and these are just as enjoyable as the multiplayer mode. You and a mate will get the chance to have a go at volcano volleyball, racing, and many more entertaining games.

To add to the enjoyment are the dorky looking Dino’s you get to choose from. You can customise them to what you feel is best, but like past Junior titles in the series this feature is limited and doesn’t really offer much customisation. The layout and design of Dino Den is also in line with the past releases as it has a cartoon feel about it. It’s a great look and brightens up the feel of the game and will definitely appeal to the Junior Buzz generation. But don’t be deceived by its childish nature and have a go, and you’ll be surprised how much fun you will have.

We certainly had fun with it, and to be honest we thought nothing much of Dino Den as the past few releases felt like a makeover of the ones before it. Admittedly there are some aspects of Dino Den that feel like that, but with the addition of Team Mode and a few new mini-games it has breathed new life into a series that was starting to look a bit like SingStar.