At the press conference at Electronic Arts headquarters in Singapore this afternoon, we finally got to see in-game action from one of the most highly anticipated titles currently under development; Mirror's Edge.

Unfortunately we were not permitted to take any images of the gameplay, however we're happy to report that the visual effects are stunning. We saw amazing leaps between buildings, followed by combat-style rolls and grappling movements along ledges. It appears that you can even guide your character to wall-walk, and balance carefully as you run along iron girders hundreds of metres above the ground. There also seems to be a slow-mo feature that you can build up and release to help you land, or find a foothold for those particularly complicated jumps.

We were not given a large amount of information in regards to the storyline, which is a shame, however they did tell us that the main protagonist (Faith) is on a mission to free her sister from imprisonment at the hands of a totalitarian government in charge of a future based dystopia. You know, that old chestnut. Personally, I see no irony in viewing this game in Singapore, so quit asking.

It also seems that Faith and her team of runners have, in the past, generally been left alone, but something has changed recently and the authorities are now cracking down on their activities. In the introduction cinematic, we see Faith jump across a rooftop and disable an armed officer with a series of kicks and punches, with the voice-over muttering "just because I don't have a weapon does not mean I cannot fight back!". Later, during the game, Faith actually grabs an officer and removes his weapon, then breaks his arm! At this point we were told that Faith can use the weapons, however only until they run out of ammunition, then they are thrown away until she can get another one.

The demonstration ended with Faith escaping a team of S.W.A.T. agents on the top of a building. The only edge she has to jump off appears to be far too far away from the next building to actually make it a viable method of escape - that is until a news helicopter appears. Faith takes a long run-up, leaps, and manages to get one hand on the helicoper skid, it lowers her to the ground and she escapes.

Unfortunately DICE weren't too keen to release any new screenshot (we published the below screens last week), but we're working on it, we promise!