Gearbox is under fire from gamers angry that the remastered edition of Bulletstorm won't be discounted for existing Bulletstorm owners.

Announced at the Game Awards, the "Full Clip Edition" of the score-attack shooter features upgraded 4K graphics, the full set of DLC, six new Echo Mode levels, an Overkill campaign mode that unlocks all weapons, and the ability to play through the entire game as Duke Nukem, with new voice recordings by Jon St. John.

However, it won't be discounted to players who already own the game on Steam, prompting many players to pepper Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford with questions as to why.

Many recent remastered editions have been offered for a reduced price to owners of the original games, like those of Skyrim, the BioShock collection, and the Darksiders Warmastered Edition.

However, Pitchford stated via Twitter that the situation with Bulletstorm was different, as the original title is still owned by a different publisher (EA Games, via its Partners programme).

The IP itself is owned by developer People Can Fly, and Pitchford says Gearbox is "just helping" the studio to release the remaster.

In the above counter-examples, Bethesda and 2K Games still own their respective franchises, while THQ Nordic bought all past and future rights when it acquired the Darksiders IP.

Some gamers said they would simply skip the remastered Bulletstorm, to which Pitchford effectively shrugged.

Bulletstorm was a well-received but relatively little-purchased title when it launched, so it's likely that many players would be purchasing the game for the first time anyway.

The Full Clip Edition launches April 7th, 2017.