Star Citizen's environments may be currently limited to featureless planets and space stations, but thanks to datamining, we can check out one likely future destination.

Hidden amongst the game files until now, the immense city of Terra Prime has been unearthed, revealing a four-island metropolis with towering skyscrapers and complex roading systems.

You can even check out a compressed 3D model of the city's basic geometry here (though be warned, your browser will eat up 2GB of memory just loading the thing):

In Star Citizen fiction, Terra Prime, capital city of planet Terra III, is a significant trade hub and cultural centre, built on top of the original colony ships that brought people to the planet.

According to the official Galactic Guide, when Terra Prime eventually becomes playable, it will offer a range of gameplay opportunities, including starship upgrades and black market missions.

So far, the only planetary landing seen in the game - using a seamless space-to-ground system akin to No Man's Sky has been on a rocky desert world.

The most crowdfunded video game in history, Star Citizen is currently in Alpha 2.5, with Alpha 3.0 due later in the year and a final release some point prior to the heat death of the universe.

More news is likely to emerge at the game's CitizenCon convention in Los Angeles on October 9th.