Blizzard is actively considering a range of paid downloadables for StarCraft 2, according to surveys leaked via Reddit.

Among the options about which the studio enquired are chat emoticon packs, special unit skins, and announcer packs.

The list of potential announcers for the real-time strategy hit included a couple of off-the-wall picks.

On the list are Blizzard characters Swann, Raynor, Murky, Alarak, Thrall, and the Hearthstone innkeeper; e-sports commentators Artosis and Day9; actors Morgan Freeman and David Harbour; basketballer Gordon Hayward; Blizzard staffers Dustin Browder and David Kim; and rapper Snoop Dogg.

Posters on Reddit claim the survey specified price points of US$3.99 for unit skins, $2.49 for 10-emoticon packs, and $3.99 for voice packs.

Dota 2, which operates in indirect competition with StarCraft 2, has offered announcer packs for some time - most recently adding Deus Ex's Adam Jensen to the mix.

Blizzard has not commented on the leak, but may have something to say come November at BlizzCon.