The OPL Smite Split 2 grand finals saw a major upset over the weekend, when fourth seeded Avant Garde unexpectedly took out first place.

The team defeated top seed Legacy E-sports, followed by reigning champions Pandamonium.

The Cybergamer's Oceania E-sports Masters LAN took place at the Australia Technology Park in Sydney.

Avant Garde player Joshua “ElChuckles” Bruce took home the MVP prize for his work shutting down star player Daniel “Rowe” Rowe in the solo lane. ElChuckles kept his lane opponent in check and was instrumental in team fights throughout the series.

Avant Garde swept the grand final 3–0.

Teams competed for a AU$25,000 prize pool, with first place taking a lion's share of AU$13,000.

Also competing were Incite which, after losing to Pandamonium in the semis, went on to beat Legacy and take third place.

Replays of the Split 2 grand final are available on Twitch.