The upcoming Need for Speed “reboot” for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will require an online connection to play.

Prior Need for Speed games have featured online worlds, but have not required players to stay connected to play. That said, games like 2013’s Rivals were pretty empty if you were offline.

The AllDrive menu from Rivals and Most Wanted will return, executive producer Marcus Nilsson told us on the day of the game’s announcement.

“We believe that’s very much a next-gen feature, a single player experience in a multiplayer world, where you can engage in both experiences simultaneously,” he said.

“I’ll be the first one to admit that we could have improved on the implementation of in Rivals. It was the first time we did it, no-one had done anything like it before. Now other games like Destiny and The Crew have similar setups. We learned from the mistakes.

“One of those was: it was hard to find people and start events together. That’s something we’ve developed a bespoke system for, so it’s going to be instantaneous to do something with your friends.”

Nilsson also confirmed that the game would feature dedicated servers.