American McGee's free-to-play ARPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is now in open beta, Spicy Horse Games has announced.

Based on the Little Red Riding Hood story combined with Japanese folklore and myth, Akaneiro is an action-RPG that lets players hunt legendary monsters in Edo-era Japan.

The open beta includes new developments such as advanced character training, weapon improvements, and the still-under-development Shivering Pines, which brings a new environment style to the game along with a new tribe of imps wielding frost magic.

Those keen to play can sign up at the official Akaneiro website.

The open beta will run until January 16, and will consist of various stress tests designed to ensure the servers and infrastructure are ready for the launch of the game.

The game is also currently on Kickstarter, with Spicy Horse hoping to secure extra funds in order to add co-op multiplayer and an equipment crafting system, as well as extra weapons, skills, and pets to the game.

With 23 days remaining, it has raised US$55,085 (AU$51,990) of its US$200,000 goal.

In related news, Spicy Horse Studios and Dark Horse Comics have announced that Akaneiro will soon also be available in comic form.

The series will be written by Justin Aclin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), and illustrated by Vasilis Lolos (Conan the Barbarian).

It will follow a young woman torn between two cultures who goes on “an epic adventure hunting devious Yokai and pursuing a destiny far greater than even she can perceive as a member of the fabled Order of Akane”, according to Spicy Horse.