The release date for Shadowrun Returns has been pushed back to “May or June” 2013.

The game, which raised US$1,836,447 (AU$1,757,738) via Kickstarter in April, was originally due in January 2013.

A shift from a top-down to isometric perspective along with a longer than expected features list was responsible for the delay.

“We’ve spent the majority of our time getting our game engine, art pipeline and base gameplay up and running and we’ve covered a lot of ground to get a lot of systems in place,” wrote Shadowrun Returns producer Mitch Gitelman in a Kickstarter update.

“Our engineering team has been crunching off and on for months to maximize the amount of time our designers will have to create our story.”

He estimates the Harebrained Schemes team is about halfway through development at present, and is currently working on the game’s magic and tech-based abilities, conversation system, and story.

However, one feature did not make it: the ability to recruit friends’ characters into your game.

“It’s a good social feature and it pains us to cut it, but it isn’t core to the fun of creating your own character and having a great Shadowrun experience,” wrote Gitelman.

“These are some of the roughest parts of game development, when time and budget demand tough choices and features you love don’t make it in.”

“We know from experience that we need to keep our knives sharp and ready to trim when necessary to focus on quality over quantity and ensure that Shadowrun is as good as we can possibly make it in the time we have.”