Ubisoft’s North American executive director, Laurent Detoc, has rounded on critics following the underwhelming launch of Rocksmith, saying that they’re ignoring innovation.

An iteration in the music genre, Rocksmith teaches players how to play a real guitar. Rocksmith is currently enjoying a positive critical average of 77/100 on aggregate site Metacritic.

That’s not good enough for Detoc, however, who has told website Gamasutra that critics have shown a “lack of enthusiasm for something that is new.”

“As much as they claim they want innovation, they don't,” he continued.

“As our industry evolves, we need to be more mature and find a way to look at content and judge it as if we were real consumers instead of as gamers.

“We need to judge the products for what they are. You can't compare, say, a Just Dance to an Assassin's Creed. We can't expect critics to be experts at everything.”

Rocksmith’s launch outside of the US has been delayed by trademark disputes. The game is for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.