Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Bungie quashes Halo: Reach 3D rumour (eurogamer) - Bungie has destroyed a rumour swirling around German expo gamescom that upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Halo: Reach is playable in 3D.

Earlier today website VG247 reported: "Microsoft and Bungie are showing off Halo Reach at gamescom, in 3D."

Sony: PS3 now the "de facto" purchase (eurogamer) - Console manufacturer Sony reckons its PlayStation 3 has now become the "de facto" purchase following a "slow burn" at the start of its life.

Age of Empires Online isn’t a “nickel and dimey microtransaction thing” (vg247) - Stop! Don’t lay a finger and/or hammer on that piggy bank! Age of Empires Online, you see, has no need for your nickels and dimes.“It’s not a nickel and dimey microtransaction thing,” [said] Microsoft Game Studios General Manager Dave Luehmann.

Levine: “We never thought of Infinite as BioShock 3″ (vg247) - Ken Levine has told VG247 Irrational Games never thought of BioShock Infinite as part 3 of the series, but instead as a completely new game.

Rumor: Far Cry 3 in development (vg247 - According to the latest issue of PC Gamer, Far Cry 3 is in full production.

Farmville Makers Attacked Over Real-World "Vandalism" (Kotaku) - Zynga, the company behind Facebook titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars, is in trouble with the San Francisco City Attorney's Office over reports of vandalism linked to the developer's advertisements.