GOA and Mythic Entertainment have announced the beginning of a holiday themed event in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, their popular MMO released earlier this year.

The Dwarf New Year celebration of Keg End officially starts on December 18th and will end on January 6th. The festivities in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are in full swing! The forces of Order and Destruction are now invited to join a Realm-wide pub crawl across the Old World as the Dwarfs drain their old barrels and casks in hopes of good fortune and better brews in the New Year.

Of course, holidays in WAR are never just for celebrating, and this one is no exception. Ogres have been drawn out of hiding by the scent of beer and blood, and those who challenge them in combat may be rewarded with special Keg End loot. Snotlings have also been discovered in ale stores across the world, and the special brews they’ve snatched could prove extremely useful for Order and Destruction players alike.

Even more incredible are stories popping up about the legendary Golden Stein, a powerful relic that bestows the blessings of Grimnir himself on whoever possesses it. Rumors say that it’s been spotted on battlefields across the Old World, but only the daring and dedicated will be able to unravel its mysteries as the New Year approaches.

Light your fireworks and /toast a friend, because Keg End has begun and the WAR rages on!

For more information on Warhammer Online and the Keg End live event, please visit the official site.