Activision Publishing today announced an exclusive Xbox LIVE online entertainment network weekend for Guitar Hero World Tour. Starting November 27, 2008, players 14 years of age or older will be able to participate in a number of online activities to determine who is truly the top Guitar Hero rocker.

These activities include:

  • Xbox All Nighter – Friday, 28 Nov, from dawn until dusk
  • Play & Win Sweepstakes – Saturday, 29 Nov, through Monday, 31 Nov
  • Game with Developers – Sunday, 30 Nov from 11:00am – 2:00pm GMT+13.

Throughout the weekend, guitarist, drummers and vocalists who register and play the Guitar Hero World Tour multiplayer (co-op) session can also win special prizes, such as a Samsung television home theater package, collector’s edition Guitar Hero World Tour drum sticks, 1GB memory sticks and Guitar Hero portable USB/battery powered speakers.

Highlighting the weekend’s activities, on Sunday, November 30 from 10:00pm – 01:00am GMT, virtual musicians will have the opportunity to prove their rock god skills online against none other than Neversoft Entertainment, the creators of Guitar Hero World Tour. For those up for the challenge, be on the look-out for the following development team Gamertags:

  • GHDevTina – Producer
  • GHDevLee – Associate Producer
  • GHDevCorey – Production Coordinator
  • GHDevAnthony – Midi Designer
  • GHDevChris – Midi Designer
  • GHDevJason – Lead Animator
  • GHDevZack – Junior Programmer
  • GHDevJosh – Jr. Sound Designer
  • GHDevKristina – Mocap Supervisor
  • GHDevJustin – Mocap Tech
  • GHDevAdry – QA Tester
  • GHDevBrandon – QA Tester
  • GHDevTravisR – QA Tester

More details on registering for Guitar Hero World Tour Xbox LIVE weekend and information regarding terms, conditions, and official rules are available through the official event page. Open registration will begin when the site goes live.