This Halloween, the armies in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning have a new threat to contend with as the Witching Night descends upon the land. Beginning on October 30th, players can take part in WAR’s first-ever live in-game event and tackle four new Public Quests, along with a host of other frightening new content to earn special, seasonal rewards including rare costume masks, unique titles, potions, trinkets, and special, event-only cloaks.

Some of these unique rewards can be looted from the corpses of enemy players during Realm vs. Realm play, so the combatants of WAR are urged to do their duty this Witching Night and continue their assault on the opposing Realm.

Beware! The Witching Night approaches and the division between the living and the dead grows thin. Ancient horrors have awoken from their slumber, daring brave warriors from both sides of the battle to fight in the name of glory! Evil necromancers raise the dead and spread wickedness across the land, witches plot around steaming cauldrons of evil, and the spirits of fallen warriors haunt battlefields across the land. Only the bravest of heroes need venture forth on Witching Night when childhood nightmares come to life to terrorize the lands.

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