Empire Interactive has revved up and released some high octane destructive carnage, the likes of which has not been seen before with three FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for Windows trailers in HD.

The three trailers are available in bite sized morsels, one at 00:38 one at 01:28 and one at 2:36.

A shoe-in for next year’s BAFTAS and Sky’s ‘50 best car chases’, the wreck filled mayhem will soon hit screens and take car demolition to a whole new level.

All of the footage in the trailers is captured live from the final game, giving a taster of the Deathmatch Derby, Carnage and Head On races, and of course the Ragdoll Stunt action that separates Ultimate Carnage from the rest of the starting grid.

Download the trailers from GP Downloads here (37MB), here (67MB) and here (97MB).