Gameplanet has today entered into a partnership with national ISP Xnet. Xnet will provide hosting and bandwidth to power Gameplanet's multiplayer game servers and file download services.

The deal means that downloading files from Gameplanet and playing on our game servers will be 'unmetered' so it does not count toward Xnet customers' data usage - and it will also be super fast.

Gameplanet is currently working on a total revamp of the GP Downloads web site. The partnership will allow us to more effectively offer New Zealand gamers a fast, local mirror of the latest game demos, trailers and patches as soon as they're released. And today we have installed a brand new, high-spec, 8-terabyte file server to maximise performance of the download service.

The partnership will also give us the opportunity to expand our line-up of multiplayer game servers. Gameplanet already hosts servers for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty 4, Medal of Honor and TrackMania Nations. In addition to not using up their data caps, Xnet customers can also expect to get the lowest pings on the game servers.

"Xnet is already a popular ISP among gamers," said Gameplanet director Simon Garner. "Putting our services onto their network means there's even more reasons for people who love games to switch to Xnet."