The organisers of xLAN have sent a notification today advising that prepayments for the event will close on the morning of Thursday 12th June. Seats at the event are likely to sell out, according to the organisers.

xLAN is the largest annual LAN event in New Zealand, to be held 11th-13th July at TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau. This year's event has 760 seats. xLAN also plays host to tournaments including the New Zealand qualifying event for the World Cyber Games.

According to the xLAN web site, to date 1,124 people have registered with the intention of participating, and 579 have paid to confirm their registration. That leaves 181 seats available, which will be assigned on a "first in" basis to those who pay for their seat first.

"We have less seats available than the equivalent time last year and based on tournament signups many people will miss out due to not enough seats available," said the organisers.