The Russian contingency of Game Factory Interactive have stated their real-time strategy title Warfare will be released Q2 2008.

Set in Saudi Arabia, you will control the US military in an attempt to restore control after a period of prolonged insurgency has left terrorists in control of the country. You've been tasked with multiple search and destroy missions designed to showcase the latest military hardware, from the Abrams tank to the Apache helicopter, in realistic settings ranging from the open desert to close-quarters infantry combat.

GFI Russia is one of the smaller emerging developers out there, so we'll be following this title with interest to see if they can capture the interest of the popular PC RTS market. In the meantime, check out the screenshots and features below:

• Fight with the latest U.S. & Russian Weapons Systems
• Dominate real territories created from satellite images
• Gain experience for your troops by keeping them alive
• Capture Enemy vehicles and weaponry
• Destroy everything in your path with realistic physics
• Shock and Awe your opponents to wear down their morale
• Hone your tactics in various environments from open desert to urban combat