Juan Cole, author and professor of modern Middle Eastern and South Asian history at the University of Michigan, has written a thought-provoking article on the merits of possible terrorism training and recruitment within Massively Multiplayer Online games. Among some of the observations;

[i]"The notion that wandering around such an imaginary world with a computerized body is dangerous to anyone seems itself cartoonish and calls into question the public hand-wringing by security experts.

It’s long been clear that the Bush administration authorized illegal, warrantless wiretaps on the American public, and that major U.S. telecom companies often cooperated… Dick Cheney recently urged making this type of unchecked domestic surveillance permanent.

Cole goes on slam the viability of Second Life as anything but a place to waste your first one:

There were some technical glitches at first in setting up the audio, and the interview was cut short when “Second Life” suddenly announced they were closing down that area…. the week before my appearance, banks in “Second Life” were closed down… The institutional frameworks are to date so unreliable that terrorists likely could not count on a money-launderer…

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