Running With Scissors (RWS) broke with tradition this year and took a meeting room at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in order to showcase the first public viewing of a demo for the long-awaited POSTAL III, “just like normal, loveable developers,” declared RWS CEO and world class charmer, Vince Desi.

POSTAL III running on Valve’s SOURCE engine was presented as an Xbox 360 demo, with both major and mid level publishers expressing strong interest in acquiring the World Wide rights to the game.

This time out, however, both publishers and the press enjoyed and respected the franchise’s history and durability, as well POSTAL III’s ongoing joy at being a first-rate action adventure as well as a sharp-witted comedic expression aimed directly down the throat of Political Correctness. “This is no longer a teens-only zone,” Desi explained in reference to the video game marketplace. “And mainstream companies were willing to look at POSTAL III objectively, with the major publishers strongly supporting the idea of a PS3 sku in addition to the 360 and PC editions.”

The game press was similarly impressed. Brad Hilderbrand from declared: “"POSTAL III promises to be one of the most twisted, hilarious, and depraved games I've ever seen... and I can't wait to get my hands on it."

"They say the demo is about 1% of the finished product... and it's STILL funny,” wrote Abbie Heppe on “You can play [as] a model citizen, a somewhat worse citizen or a truly awful one. However the game penalizes you for making blatantly amoral choices. Pedestrians, cops... even the army will try to stop you if you become a one-man killing machine. AWESOME."

Other journalists, including Patrick Shaw from Gamepro and Chris Faylor, editor at, agreed with that assessment. And for the first time in its notorious ten year history, “the world’s most dangerous video game company” was given props for producing a game that promises not only the expected assault on the bastions of political correctness but a game that is state of the art in terms of both design and execution.

“This GDC for RWS was different,” Desi marveled. “It was inspiring! We showed the world of publishers, press, and, most importantly, gamers the console premier of POSTAL III. It has been an uphill battle since the press and others have consistently misrepresented the franchise’s content. POSTAL was, is and always will be an Action Comedy Adventure! Ten years of fan support, over one million copies sold, and now POSTAL III is running on the Xbox 360. Do I hear PS3?”

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