Wild Arms 3 for the Playstation 2 is officially released in New Zealand today. The game uses Cel Shaded technology (seen in Auto Modellista and the upcoming Zelda) and we can say that the cel shading in the game looks stunning. The third game in the popular series made famous on the original Playstation, Wild Arms 3 mixes classic RPG elements and gameplay with a wild west storyline. From what we have played so far, we'd have to say fans of the genre won't be disappointed. Wild Arms 3 has a R.R.P of $119.95.

"One object of mythical stature attracts four Drifters to a common place. These four strangers discover the strength in working as a team. Shortly thereafter they learn of an ancient prophecy determining the future of their eroded homeland. Setting aside their differences, they roam the lands and unlock the knowledge and mystical forces making their adventure their destiny."