Electronic Arts have informed us that The Sims Online is on track for a December 22nd release in New Zealand. There is a chance the game will slip until early 2003, but Electronic Arts are doing all they can to get it out this year. We'll have more in-depth coverage of The Sims Online over the coming weeks.

"Take your Sims to an online world where you get to be yourself or whoever you want to be. In this world you have your own piece of land to do with as you please. Create a house, coffee bar, dance club, museum, or whatever you can imagine. Explore the neighborhoods around you and meet scores of Sims along the way. Build a network of friends to enhance your power, wealth, reputation and social standing. Be a peacemaker or pest, a recluse or rabble-rouser. In this open-ended, online world, you choose your role, your attitude and your destiny."