Developer Lancer Games has announced a new MMORPG titled Psi Chronicles. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Online RPG bandwagon, but we can't help but think that alot of companies are going to get burnt. Check out the official website to see if this one will be a contender.

"One hundred years since the first psionics began to emerge in society. Fifty years since the Psionic Liberation Front strove foreward in it's covert battle to free psionics from the oppression of the Psi Ops. Now a new enemy threatens the psionic population. The normal humans have no idea of what is going on behind the scenes. No idea of the danger they are in or the efforts being made on their behalf. Which side will you be on; the militaristic Psi Ops, the free spirited Rogues. Will you be merely an independent spectator to the psionic world? The world and its destiny is yours to shape."