Cornered Rat Software has announced the release of a major update for World War II Online, and also announced that the 30-day free-trial period will begin when the patch is issued.

Version 1.2.5 of WWII Online will provide players with the “beginnings of a career enhancement path”. Players will be able to advance from private to general, 13 levels of rank altogether.

"Ranks are RPG levels that will be the basis for players getting their hands on more game functionality. Right now it relates to posting custom missions. As players gain rank, they will have more points available to post missions. The rank system in 1.2.5 starts players on a character development path which will increase over time in depth, complexity, and additional features." commented Chris Sherland, WWII Online Producer.

The update also includes new vehicles and weapons and plenty of additional terrain environments as well as server-side improvements.

The free trial period, which was suspended due to buggy game play and an overwhelming demand on the servers, has now begun and paid subscriptions will start taking effect the week of October 7.

The new version is an auto-update, meaning players just need to connect to a WWII Online game world and the update will be installed.