Jack Of All Games have announced the expected release date for 3DO's Legends of Might and Magic. The release date for Australia is expected to be April 6th and the New Zealand release date should be just a few days later.

"In the Legends of Might and Magic game, players can create their own character from 6 distinct classes, and adventure through four unique worlds as they strive to thwart a madman's scheme to travel back through time and change the course of history, a change that could destroy the world. Online multiplayer games will feature up to 6 players working cooperatively through the game's story, with each player controlling the destiny of their own character, or allow up to 16 players to compete in player vs. player, deathmatch-style sessions. The game will integrate GameSpy(TM), a leading multiplayer matchmaking technology, for seamless, free Internet play.

The Legends of Might and Magic game will feature several pre-made, modular adventures of varying difficulty, which players will embark upon alone or together to complete. For replayablity, the game will also have a Random Adventure generator, which will create an adventure equal to the strength of the players who enter it. "

For more info visit the official Legends of Might and Magic Web site.