ECTS, much like E3, has proven that Lionhead Studios' Black & White is still the most highly anticipated game around at the moment, as it continued to wow the crowds in Europe. Take a quick look at just some of the press coverage it received from the ECTS:

"The real star of EA's crown, Lionhead's awe inspiring god game "Black & White", was on show. Peter Molyneux, the warped brains behind this decidedly odd game, was demonstrating it every hour to a room packed full of stunned journalists and freeloaders. The game looked simply stunning, and the attention to detail and sheer craziness of the whole thing was incredible." -- Eurogamer

"Black & White is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and for good reason. Its creative blend of strategy, RPG, action, and just plain weird little extras make it one of the most unique titles on the PC in years." -- IGN

"Most fans of Peter Molyneux's games know just about every gameplay detail behind Lionhead Studios' Black & White by now. However, at a press event held late last night, Molyneux demonstrated parts of the game not directly related to what's been written about previously." -- GameSpot UK

Black & White is nearly complete and is expected to hit New Zealand shelves in time for Christmas.